It’s instantly clear when you see someone who has a true passion for what they do. They have a spark, and they pour their energy into helping others. One who is a prime example of that passion and spirit is Jenny Maraghy.

As Owner/CEO of the Jenny Maraghy Team with Joyner Fine Properties, Jenny is driven by her desire to have a positive impact on those around her. “I really enjoy working with people on our team,” she says. “I take pride in that. It makes me feel good knowing that I’ve played a part in supporting people as they reach their goals … often making a career change, enabling them to double their salary.”  

“I love doing whatever I can to change people’s lives for the better.”

Getting Her Start

Originally from North Carolina, in 1988, Jenny moved with her husband to Richmond, where he had already purchased and renovated a home. Jenny had no experience in real estate at that point. Together, they found a house that needed renovation. Jenny, smiling, noted, “There was no HGTV at the time! On a fluke, I bought a house; it was a bit of fate.” This was the beginning of what would become a passion for Jenny and lead her down a different career path.

Prior to 1990, Jenny was a CPA working for a Big 8 accounting firm. “My husband was traveling a lot,” Jenny recalls, “and the demands of accounting prevented me from traveling with him. So we sat down and decided it made sense for me to switch careers.”

Jenny left accounting and got her real estate license. Her initial goal was not as much to be a REALTOR®, but more to find properties for herself to renovate and resell. Her corporate background and business expertise served her well in making this avenue a success. In fact, Jenny credits her CPA experience and a love of numbers for much of her success in real estate. Soon, people recognized her abilities in this area and came to her to ask if she could find them something too. This growing list of corporate relationships also led to extensive corporate relocation services for her in the more traditional role as Realtor.

Gaining Ground

After the first house she and her husband flipped, Jenny expanded her market, buying a house with a friend in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads market which they renovated and sold. Following that acquisition, Jenny bought her first rental property. “I decided, at that point, I’m going to buy at least one rental property every year with the goal that these assets would fund college education for my children. Through these years, I concentrated on raising our children and flipping houses,” Jenny says.

When Jenny began her career in real estate, she worked for many years as an individual agent. She joined Joyner Fine Properties in 2009, during an extremely slow period. But by 2013, she was working 24/7. “In 2013, the market picked up and I was burning the candle at both ends. I thought, I can’t sustain this; I need to leverage my time. So that year, I started building a team. I hired my first admin, then our first buyer’s agent … and it grew from there.”

Jenny founded the Jenny Maraghy Team at Joyner Fine Properties, and her successes have continued to mount. Today, her team has 23 professional members and six management staff members. From a single flip years ago, today, the Jenny Maraghy Team represents buyers and sellers of homes, condos, land, and investment properties across central Virginia.

Together, the members of Jenny’s team keep moving forward, fulfilling the needs of homeowners throughout the region. In fact, the team recorded an impressive $180 million in sales volume in 2020, representing 509 transactions. Their story of success continues this year, with a goal of reaching 650 homes bought/sold and $228 million in sales volume.

Emblematic of that success, for Jenny, is her recognition in 2019 as an Inc. 5000 company, acknowledging the fastest-growing private companies in America! The criteria is based on revenue growth over the past three years. That prestigious honor continued for the team in 2020 and 2021.

Rewarding Life

Away from work, Jenny cherishes time with her family, including her husband, Dave, who works with Jenny on the investment and rental sides of their business, and their two children, Kate, who lives in New York, and Jack, who lives in London. In her free time, Jenny has a passion for traveling, and is considering pursuing her pilot’s license.

When it comes to giving back, Jenny and her team select local charitable organizations to support. Over the years, Jenny has supported Make-A-Wish and Feedmore. During the pandemic, they supported the “Read to Them” initiative. This project provided a book to each student at the Chimborazo elementary school so the students could read together with teachers and parents during that stressful time. This year, they are supporting the Children’s Hospital with one of the team’s favorite outings: Track Laps at the Richmond Raceway. This unique event allows people to bring their own cars and drive laps around the track in exchange for a donation.

Encouraging Growth

With the passion Jenny has for her work, she happily shares helpful advice for others who are getting their own start in real estate. “If you’re new to the business, I would suggest joining a team. This can give you a real jumpstart by providing mentorship, offering leads, and expanding your overall education in the business. You have the advantage of being able to lean on your team and your team leader,” Jenny says.

In fact, Jenny shares that she is always looking for talent to join with them. She takes great pride in the culture of her team and how they work together. Everyone on her team is generous in the way they share knowledge and experience, while also being involved in the community projects and simply enjoying each other socially.

For Jenny, one of her greatest joys is serving as a connector and resource to help others achieve their goals — something she finds is a natural fit with being a Realtor.

“One of my biggest strengths is my ability to connect people, whether it is to their next home or a new job.” Smiling, Jenny says, “I’m happy to report that, through connections of our team, we have even had several get married. Being a strong connector is something I really enjoy.”

Congratulations to Jenny Maraghy for all that she’s achieved and for the difference she makes in people’s lives each day. Truly, she makes a strong, positive impact on her clients, her team, and her community.