As associate broker and team leader of The Hometeam at Hometown Realty, Tommy eases the way forward for those around him.

“At the end of the day, it’s a people business,” Tommy says. “With caring, integrity, and good relationships, I do whatever I can do to help them during one of the most stressful times of their lives.” Tommy earned his real estate license eight years ago.

Through time, Tommy has had a knack for sales and helping those around him. “I’ve been selling things since elementary school, including cookies to other students between classes, then bike parts, then auto parts, and more,” he says.

Fast Forward

As he came of age and started his career, Tommy worked full-time in youth ministry with Young Life. In the meantime, he and his wife also started their family. They faced a challenging hurdle during that time.

“When we were expecting our oldest son, Tucker, we found out he would be born with a set of congenital birth defects. We knew there would be challenges but were not prepared for what lay ahead. Unrelated to the birth defects, he was also born extremely premature, weighing just 2 pounds,” Tommy says.

“He spent 11 months total in the NICU, with approximately five of the months at Boston Children’s Hospital. My wife had to quit her job to be in Boston full-time with him. After almost a full year in the hospital, Tucker was finally discharged home with a trach, on a ventilator, oxygen, and feeding tube. We had to look for something that would allow my wife to stay at home to care for him and allow for a household income.”

Opening a New Door

While he was working with Young Life and traveling back and forth to Boston, Tommy needed to think through a career transition and pursued an interest in real estate.

“Many of the families I knew through the ministry worked in real estate. I asked one of the owners of the most popular local brokerage to see if they thought I would have a good background for it,” he says. “The owner warned me of how tough it would be but also believed that with time and effort I could be successful. He was also willing to bring me onto his team and take me under his wing. It was Mike Chenault.”

At that point, there was no holding back. “I jumped right in with an all-out or get-out approach,” he remembers. “I door-knocked, worked in model homes, open houses, and built my referral network. I tried everything and sold five houses in the first five months.”

Gaining Ground

That was just the start. During his second year in the business, he recorded 27 transactions. And in the third, 65. From there, Tommy kept building, including creating his own team. In 2020, he and his team amassed $100 million in sales volume, representing 324 transactions. This year, the team is well on its way to a goal of 400 deals.

Tommy is quick to shine the spotlight on his team of 20 licensed agents, including several that are brand new to the business. He also generously gives away his time, mentorship, and many, many leads to contribute to their success.

Family Foundation

Away from work, Tommy’s world revolves around his family, including his wife, Ellie, and their two children: 9-year-old Tucker and 4-year-old Noah.

In their free time, Tommy and his family look forward to time together at their lake house. “We love doing everything in the water, including wake surfing, kneeboarding, and tubing,” he smiles. Physical fitness is also very important to Tommy. He teaches cycling at the YMCA and has helped coach several 10K training teams.

Those who have the opportunity to know and work with Tommy appreciate his quick responses, even-keeled temperament, and willingness to go above and beyond with all those he serves.

Congratulations to Tommy Sibiga for making an unforgettable impact for those around him … in the process, easing the way ahead for them.