That was also the year that William Bond, at just 24 years old, helped open Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control alongside his mother and step-father. Thirty-five years later, Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control is thriving. William has shown that he is capable of leading the company into the future while relying on the immense experience that comes with being in the business for three and a half decades.

The Early Years

William’s grandfather and step-grandfather worked in the pest control industry. They both retired in the mid-’80s — around the same time that William and his step-dad launched their pest control business. Suffice it to say, William’s family has a long history in the pest control world.

“We opened this company in 1986 — Doug Hickman, my mom, and myself. My brother came over a year later. My brother and I bought my parents out in 1999, and my brother passed away in 2018, so I’m carrying on the family business.”

Over the years, Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control has been able to effectively grow with the growing needs of their clients. While they began by focusing primarily on termites with some pest control, they’ve vastly expanded their services. Today, Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control offers a full range of services, from termite and other wood-destroying insects to mold inspections and remediation to wildlife control.

A Real Estate Niche

Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control has formed a niche in the real estate market due to the exceptional services they offer agents, buyers, and sellers. For example, pre-sale inspections are provided at no cost to the client so that any potential issues can be uncovered before the house is even listed.

“When a REALTOR® gets involved with a client, no one wants to pay for anything until the house is sold. So if you get a listing, call us and we’ll check out the property at no cost. There’s nothing worse than getting to inspection and they pull up a problem and you’re back at square one,” William explains.

Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control offers a one-year warranty for wood-destroying insects — whether or not they remediate an issue.

“It’s peace of mind for the seller and the buyer. If the buyer moves in and something comes up later, we can re-treat at no charge.”

Built to Last

Hickman’s Termite and Pest Control has been able to thrive for so many years due to their reputation in the industry. They don’t advertise much, instead deriving their business primarily from word of mouth. They’ve built their reputation by sticking to the basics, primarily high-quality workmanship and an honest approach.

“We show up on time, never late. We give a fair price and use top-of-the-line chemicals. Most of my real estate inspectors, they’ve been in the business for at least 20 years. There are no new guys out of college,” William explains. “We’re a local, family-owned and operated business. We’re here to take care of the customer. We’re honest. We try to keep a good reputation going.”